On-demand Vertical has taken over conventional business models by offering services at the fingertips. Not just one or two we are talking about here but numerous industries have shaped from traditional to digital to meet the changing market dynamics. One can get all these services instantly at their fingertips, from ride-hailing to food delivery, from transportation to scheduling doctor's appointments. One may say that the future is entirely digital and on-demand with Gojek Clone. 

With only a few clicks on their smartphones, on-demand apps allow clients to acquire services/products at their selected location as and when they require them.

Due to the following factors, Gojek Clone has been prospering 

  • Quick access to real-time tracking, appropriate payment methods, and smart search
  • Prompt delivery resulting in happy customers
  • It is cost-effective for service providers and customers 
  • Offers greater opportunity for enterprises to scale up their operations and higher income creation
  • It makes sense that these apps have quickly acquired popularity and are expected to take over in the years to come.

Aspiring business owners have a lot to gain from on-demand app development, which has significant market potential. 

This article describes prominent categories of Gojek Clone 2023 that have upended the mobile app market. For companies looking to invest in on-demand app development, a fast read will offer insightful information.

The Brand New Components Of Gojek Clone KingX Pro 2023

  • Buy, and Sell Real-estate

Through this component, users wishing to purchase and sell real estate can register and obtain access to popular categories. The module lets sellers publish their real estate needs under 10 different headings, including residential apartments, farmhouses, warehouse godowns, industrial sheds, industrial buildings, service flats, shop showrooms, and house villas. Since these categories are dynamic, the administrator can add as many as 10 new categories from the Admin Panel. Property specifications can be posted by sellers in either free or premium plan packages. As a result, the premium plan packages will increase the company's income and give property owners more exposure by placing their posts at the top.

  • Buy, Sell, and Rent Cars

For those wishing to sell their cars or put them for rent, this module serves as an excellent opportunity.  It eliminates the need for a middleman and pays the commission. The seller will post their requirements and the buyer shall connect for further discussion. To get more visibility and close the deal quickly, the seller can avail of paid plan packages that allow them to get their post published under a featured category. Additionally, generating revenue through the plan. The seller can sell and rent their cars by listing their vehicle under these categories sedan, luxury, convertibles, MUVs, SUVs, cargo trucks, sports, and hatchbacks. The Admin can add up to 10 categories from Admin Panel.

  • Buy, Sell, and General Items

Your users will be able to post descriptions of the items they have up for grabs, either for sale or rent. After shortlisting an item, buyers can get in touch with the seller. Users who subscribe to the app's plans (both free and paid) can post about the goods they want to buy or rent. Because the user will pay for the plan to post his item details, you as the app owner will profit.

  • Carpooling

Your registered users - car owners using this module will post their itinerary information like location, date- time, empty seats, travel route, and cost per seat. Users who wish to travel to the same destination shall send the confirmation by making an in-app payment. This is peer-to-peer car sharing, where rides are provided by regular users who own cars rather than by licensed taxi drivers.

Car owners receive payment per seat, and you, as App One, receive a commission for each seat reserved through the app.

  • On-demand Medical services

In a few taps, receive medical aid. Customers can access a wide range of medical services, such as scheduling an appointment for a physical examination at a doctor's office or clinic, connecting with nearby ambulance services, receiving medication deliveries to their doorsteps, and more. Users can also schedule an online video consultation to receive medical care from the comfort of their own homes. Every time a medical service is reserved, money is made in the form of commissions, subscription fees, delivery fees, etc.

  • Explore nearby businesses

Your Users will be able to view the details of that particular location on the go. The  App Admin can either promote free or paid plan packages for the businesses to get listed. The businesses using the premium package will have the priority to list on the top.

  • Track family members and employees

The users/employers can have a sense of relief now knowing the whereabouts of their family members/employees during work hours. The module allows the user to track family members/employees to track on real time on Google Maps. However, fulfilling the requisites requires installing the app on their smartphones. The module preferences can be turned off as and when required.

Final Wrapping

On-demand Multi-services Apps like Gojek are here to stay. You can only succeed in business when you have something new and beneficial to offer. Our Gojek Clone KingX Pro has this advanced-tech component launched for you to get ahead in the business race. Now is the time to invest in this Super App and offer that no other entrepreneurs are offering. To get a better understanding, connect with the app representative for the demo and discuss your details ahead.